YouTube to only allow Channels with 10K Lifetime Views to Monetize Videos

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Any revenue earned on channels with under 10,000 views up until Thursday will not be affected.

Once they reach that threshold, YouTube will review those channels against their policies to see if they're okay to begin making money.

Once a channel has hit 10,000 views mark, YouTube will review their content and adherence to its policies and serve ads when the conditions are met. It also said that they will be employing more staff to do fact checks manually rather than wait for people to flag them. In the years since, many scammers and opportunistic intellectual thieves have swiped creators' videos and re-uploaded them under their own accounts to try and make some ad revenue money. Aside from the 10,000 views obstacle, the channel will be reviewed if it followed all the rules as well.

However, with this program, YouTube also attracted some bad contributing factors involving upload of copyrighted content. The statement continued to say that the threshold will ensure that revenue only goes to creators following the rules.

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Also headed to YouTube soon: A review process for new creators who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube has now made changes to the YouTube Partner Program and their ad revenue policy to improve content quality.

What is happening here came two weeks after several advertisers pulled ads from YouTube after reports claim brands were running ads against content they have no agreement with.

YouTube said it will also add an additional review process for new applicants to the YouTube Partner Program, which allows video creators to earn money from their content.

As the company moves closer to launching its prime-time television, it just makes sense that it's taking steps to control how its partners are doing on its platform.