Controversial Pepsi ad used San Francisco police logo without permission, city says

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After Pepsi's latest commercial has received so many negative reactions, Kendall Jenner was recently reported to be traumatized over the backlash that she has also received. They noted the importance of not being in touch with current affairs and the audience as it may sometimes appear as insensitivity for some just like what happened to Pepsi's ad.

Pepsi faced significant backlash after releasing its ad, which starred Kendall Jenner walking through a protest with a can of Pepsi that she handed to a police officer as a way to resolve the conflict. The soda company's goal was to empower consumers to "live louder" and open up a discussion about social justice issues.

It's insulting that Pepsi wrongfully tried to benefit off of the topic of peaceful demonstrations and threw in Kendall Jenner to attract a certain demographic.

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Joseph von Meding, filmmaker at ThirtyRev, told Business Insider the Pepsi ad didn't bring out an emotional response, which a protest video should. In the said commercial, Jenner is allegedly shown in the midst of a photo shoot as protesters took over the nearby street where she allegedly got intrigued and went with them. News, as soon as the commercial was aired, it didn't take long for Twitter users to speculate and compare the frame of Kendall coming face-to-face with an officer.

The ad continues and the model takes off her wig and makeup and walks beside the protestors. By depicting a whitewashed view of political protest, critics said, Pepsi was taking advantage of increased activism without doing anything to help the causes it hoped to profit from.

The creators of this campaign are bad for attempting to benefit off of a socially relevant message without understanding the true importance and severity of it.