Apple's new Clips app for making stylized videos is available now

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It's not flawless, but it's impressive technology when it does work and brings a new dimension to your videos.

Each individual clip can be up to half an hour in length, with a total length limit of one hour. Each video must have at least one clip. (We pray it gets easier the more you use it, but time will tell.) Here's everything you need to know about using Apple Clips.

Those use cases just scratch the surface of what Clips can be used to create.

Clips arrived in the App Store on Thursday, and we've been using it since. Tapping on it lets you add your photo to the current clip being edited.

Apple Clips is different to the competition thanks to its voice recognition feature.

Included filters transform photos and videos on the fly. While you can export video from Clips into any of these apps (easily with Messenger or Instagram, awkwardly with Snapchat), they all have video recorders built into them already.

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The share sheet in its current form is clunky and requires a lot of interaction on the users part to accomplish something as simple as sending a photo in the Messages app. Tap the retake button to take a new photo.

Clips allows users to grab footage from the app or to upload existing content from their device's library. Adding any of these items is as confusing as tapping on them where they suddenly appear in your viewfinder. You just have to hold down the record button to record what you want. Title cards are editable, but this isn't entirely clear. You have to take extra steps to share it with anyone or on any platform, which makes it extremely low-pressure. The comic filter is cool, and it renders the effect on photos and videos as you're capturing them, not after the fact. You can use a two-finger pinch gesture or a double tap to quickly zoom in or out. You can mute, trim and delete.

You can also add animated captions and titles using just your voice. "Choose from different styles and tap any title to adjust text and punctuation". Selecting the "Live Titles" button will allow users to talk out subtitles and the app will transcribe what you say. That's because only the microphone on the back of your iPhone is activated when recording with the rear camera, so you usually have to speak louder for it to pick anything up. Be sure to speak clearly and at a moderate pace for the best results.

And then there's Live Titles.

If you failed to activate Live Titles during a clip recording, you can still do so in post. On top of that you can fix a few common video problems, like color casts or having your video in the wrong orientation. Your dictated text should automatically appear in the frame. It's essentially an evolution of Apple's mobile version of iMovie, its video-editing app. The star is hiding the time, your location, shapes like circles and arrows, and random words you can edit after adding them to your image or video. You can also change or remove filters on the fly.