A Slice For The Stranded: Delta Buys Pizza For Passengers

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You could say Delta Airlines stepped up to the plate for stranded passengers after it canceled hundreds of flights because of severe thunderstorms in the south.

Airports in Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Kentucky, and other states had canceled or delayed flights on account of the storms. Tampa International Airport managed to avoid the brunt of it Friday with 95 delays and 34 canceled flights as of 4 p.m.

Passengers waited in lines for hours in return, and got updates from Delta Airlines delaying their flights. The airline is also waiving certain change fees for passengers affected by the disruptions who want to reschedule their flights.

The airline said it canceled about 275 flights Saturday, and at least half a dozen flights to Raleigh-Durham Airport were either canceled or delayed.

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Now three future flight departures are delayed at the Tallahassee International Airport. "I kind of just walked around for a while, then found a table and laid my head down". He added, "we understand the resulting recovery has not been ideal and we apologize for that". The airline was by no means obligated to dip into its own pockets to feed passengers in airports while waiting for bad weather to pass.

The flight delays mean long lines to nowhere and sitting in small airplane seats while waiting for a pilot who probably won't ever arrive, which sounds like the flawless layout for hell if the high temperatures ever get too pesky.

"There's a ground hold at (New York's) LaGuardia so they may pull us off this plane", Goldklang told CNN from aboard a flight, her fourth attempt to get out of Savannah Friday evening.

Delta was having trouble rebooking passengers because there weren't many empty seats on later flights. I'll fly Delta again. I hope they learn from how they're caring for their customers right now.