Funds for disability professionals included in budget extender

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The $152 billion budget proposal in January did not including funding to offset Cuomo's $15 minimum wage, which would not apply to Direct Service Professionals because their salaries are set by the state and the non-profits that employ them are largely funded through Medicaid.

Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan's spokesman said senators are discussing the proposed compromise but there's now no final agreement.

Assemblyman Joe Errigo, R-Conesus, said the budget extender was an example of what is wrong with Albany, while state Sen.

Cuomo said waiting until then to finalize the state's spending plan may be a good idea: NY may face significant cuts from the federal government, which will put out its initial budget in mid-May.

"You know I have some concerns in areas that I'm still trying to comb through", said Senator George Amedore.

The agreement strongly resembles the "Affordable New York" proposal put forth by Governor Cuomo early this year. He said Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is on board with the push to close the budget, and administration officials did not dispute that.

Another lawmaker said the plan - "unless it falls apart" - is for the Assembly to remain in Albany and start passing budget bills again with a goal to finish the entire budget sometime Friday.

The extender budget prevents a state government shutdown through May 31. Thoughtful and responsible public policy has been adopted in 48 other states and it is unconscionable that any New Yorker would want to continue this abhorrent practice.

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The disagreement boiled over Monday, with various Senate Republicans issuing statements essentially accusing Democrats of wanting to coddle juvenile rapists and murderers.

Cuomo's press office later issued a statement that said legislators "failed" to meet the April 1 deadline for a new budget.

Members of the Assembly said they would return Thursday in hopes of reviving the talks, though they may have little to do with the Senate adjourned.

"We're going to be looking at the potential for layoffs, we have contractual obligations that we have to take into account", said Tim Kremer, Executive Director of the New York School Boards Association.

But it's "likely" some of the almost 150,000 workers on the state's payroll will get their pay later than usual this week, according to the state Comptroller's Office. Cuomo said the extension, which also included funds for several big transportation and economic development projects, would give lawmakers time to reach a good deal.

School boards, if a state budget is not finalized soon, will have to make assumptions about their state aid.

He said a final agreement could wait until after Easter. But it does not include the controversial raise the age legislation, which has yet to be agreed upon in Albany. But a final deal still may not appear until the end of April.