Leveling The Equal Pay Field: Negotiating While Black

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While employers will be required to keep salary records, the research showed men are now more likely to receive a bonus than women and typically receive more.

The average woman in OH - including Dayton - is paid around 75 per cent of what her male counterpart gets paid.

Equal Pay Day aims to raise awareness of this issue.

That gap is more severe for minority women. The numbers for what black men earn as compared to white women and women of color are likewise revealing.

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If the wage gap keeps narrowing at the pace it has been the last 50 years, Black women will not catch up to white men until the year 2124 (that's 107 years from now), Hispanics until 2248, and white women until 2056 according to an analysis by the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

Maya Raghu, director of workplace equality, National Women's Law Center told NBC, "Arbitrations are private proceedings with secret filings and private attorneys, and they often help hide sexual harassment claims". Black women make 66 cents per dollar, while Hispanic women make 60 cents per dollar. In the past year, 43% of men received a bonus of £2,059, on average, versus 38% of women, who, on average, received £1,128. Women deserve better, families deserve better. Women are still not well represented in the top paying corporate and industry sector jobs such as: Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents of Engineering, Orthopedic surgeons, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, etc. (See: Top Professions Do Not Boast Women ).

Media earnings for men in OH were more than 50 thousand dollars compared a little more than 37 thousand dollars for women. And veteran White House Correspondent April Ryan was publicly checked and scolded by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for shaking her head at a press conference. "We know that when Texas women succeed, we all succeed". Men still make the rules, and wield decision making power.