Florida Senate's bill on Amendement 2 medical marijuana clears first committee

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There is no identical version of the bill in the House, though HB 1325 by Republican Rep. Paul Renner makes numerous same changes found in Bradley's bill. Critics said middle-class families would be hit the hardest.

The House committee also reduced the annual patient application fee from $200 in the Senate version to $50 and allowed advanced practice registered nurses to certify that patients are likely to receive benefits from medical marijuana.

The House's version of the bill adds terminal illnesses to the list of debilitating conditions under which a patient could qualify for medical marijuana use, while cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, Crohn's disease and others were already included in the bill.

"That was apparently something that had been going on before we passed the bill past year", senate Judiciary Chair Charles Trump said Tuesday, "and our bill threw the continuation of some of those programs into jeopardy, so this will fix that".

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Shott (R-Mercer, 27) offered a more restrictive amendment, which was adopted Monday on a 51-48 vote.

The number of growers and permits for dispensaries are limited in the bill. Dispensers would pay $25,000 per location and renew it for $5,000 after a year. He introduced medical marijuana bills from 2011-2014 before Republicans reclaimed control of the Legislature.

Giving snowbirds access if they qualify in Florida and have access to cannabis in their home states.

Currently, 28 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes.