Donnelly will support Gorsuch, Trump court pick

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"We are at a historic moment in the history of the United States Senate" due to actions by both parties, Coons said.

One of the most important votes a U.S. senator casts is a vote for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee. "If we were, every Supreme Court nominee would pass unanimously, 100 to zero".

The extreme partisan divisions in the chamber illustrate the difficulties Trump faces in pushing through his agenda even though his fellow Republicans control the White House and Congress.

The Judiciary Committee approved Gorsuch's nomination Monday, sending it to the full Senate.

Sen. Rand Paul's (R., Ky.) former communication director, Brian Darling, told Hayes that he and other progressives should be cheering Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) for indicating he will use the so-called "nuclear option" considering their vocal support for filibuster reform. In 2013, Democrats were in the majority and upset about appellate court nominees being blocked by Republicans.

They said Gorsuch's qualifications are impeccable, and if Democrats would filibuster someone of such "high quality.there isn't any justice that a Republican would put forth.that they would support", Sen.

Senator Chris Coons, the Democrat from DE who announced his decision on Gorsuch Monday, said the treatment of Garland's nomination led him to the conclusion to vote "no". Democrats blocked 10 Bush judicial nominees in 2003 and 2004 in this way. A principle relating to this situation arose in the U.S. Senate in 1992 when then-Sen.

Durbin said he expects Gorsuch will ultimately be confirmed.

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" Unlike committee Republicans' treatment o f Chief Judge Merrick Garland, I take my constitutional duty to independently evaluate a president's Supreme Court nominees seriously", Leahy said.

Republicans have said Gorsuch is well qualified for the job and is one of the most distinguished federal judges on the bench. Final confirmation of Gorsuch would come on Friday, allowing him to join the court in time to hear the final set of cases in its current term. Senate Democrats' move backfired spectacularly, warning Republicans against seriously considering replicating the move for Gorsuch's Supreme Court bid.

It would be better for everyone if the two sides struck a bargain that resulted in Gorsuch's confirmation and preserved the filibuster for future nominees. Michael Bennet of Colorado said he would not vote to filibuster Gorsuch, but has not said yet whether he will back the nominee on a final confirmation vote.

Democrats, meanwhile, push back by saying Republicans launched the ultimate filibuster a year ago by blocking President Barack Obama's pick of Merrick Garland from getting a hearing or committee vote, keeping the seat vacant until a new president was sworn in.

The next vacancy the president fills will likely tip the balance of the court.

In addition to Gorsuch, the Judiciary Committee is considering two other nominations - Rod Rosenstein to be deputy attorney general and Rachel Brand to be associate attorney general. "The Republicans are now more interested in an ideological justice and not a bipartisan justice", Markey said in a telephone interview. "Second, he hasn't shown a scintilla of independence from President Trump".

Democrats complained that the GOP would have only themselves to blame if they go forward with the rules change.