Distracted Driving in Chilliwack got the bucket treatment this week

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That's the message of a major campaign focused on distracted driving.

"The message is out, and people know that distracted driving is unsafe", said Dr. Kelly Browning, Executive Director of Impact Teen Drivers.

Police will be paying extra attention to enforcing distracting driving laws as part of the national "U Drive".

Distracted Driving is the second leading factor in vehicle fatalities in BC with 88 deaths per year. "Compared to the year before, that's a 10 percent increase".

The Cambridge study, which looked at more than 100,000 drivers over 18 months, highlights the prevalence of phone use before collisions, and shows that cellphone bans help some, but not much. Text messaging is particularly unsafe as reaction times double when drivers read or send text messages.A driver texting at 55 miles per hour will lose sight of the road for almost five seconds, which is comparable to driving the length of a football field while blindfolded. It can wait. It's risky.

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In an analysis of data from 2009 through 2012, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that while more than 80 percent of drivers believed texting while driving was "completely unacceptable", more than a third of them admitted to reading texts while driving.

Pull over to a safe location if you must talk or text. "If you want to send a text and you have a passenger inside the vehicle have that person send the text for you", added Corporal Henry. Texting and driving in a work zone?

No one likes to be criticized by a friend for doing something wrong, but it's even worse to get caught by law enforcement and have to pay a fine.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation urges you to put your phone down when you get behind the wheel.