Before the big 'rethink' the Apple Mac Pro finally gets an update

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Nothing regarding the exact specifications or other details have been spoken about by the company itself, but Apple does promise that there will be a more modular shape to the design, meaning that it will be able to receive system upgrades in hardware. It may also stem from an understanding that the product line has an importance to Apple's business that goes beyond its direct revenue impact.

Today, the company finally took a small step towards upgrading the current Mac Pro design, but it also acknowledged what we've all known for years - the trash can aesthetic of the 2013 Mac Pro make it a serious pain to work with.

Apple said the new "modular" design of the Mac Pro will allow the device to be easily updated with specific components. 80 percent of all Mac sales are now part of the MacBook family, leaving only 20 million users of the iMac and Mac Pro combined.

These next-gen Mac Pros and pro displays "will not ship this year". Apple has yet to find a middle ground and develop a machine that is as upgradeable as desktops demand to be, while still being as smartly designed as Apple's lineup has traditionally been. Hopefully the 2018 edition of the Mac Pro will combine a cool look with easy upgrades.

While creatives and professionals are a relatively small segment of Apple's customer base, they are among its most loyal users. It is a giant mistake for Apple to not understand it is alienating its most core group of users, a mistake which Apple may one day very much regret.

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Let's say you're Apple.

In essence, this is Apple arguing with my claims in "Understanding Apple's Marginalization of the Mac" (21 November 2016) that the iOS platform reigns supreme within the company and conceding the point Josh Centers made about the slippery slope of losing pro customers in "What Apple Can Learn from Airwalk" (6 February 2017). However, it has been more than three years since the last Mac Pro was released so the company may be anxious that some professional users feel abandoned.

"The Mac Pro, the current vintage that we introduced, we wanted to do something bold and different".

"The Mac has an important, long future at Apple... and if we've had a pause in upgrades and updates on that, we're sorry for that - what happened with the Mac Pro, and we're going to come out with something great to replace it", said Schiller in an interview with Techcrunch.

If you haven't been following John Gruber, and you're a fan of Apple's products, you should definitely do so and read the rest of his post. "Both with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, there are teams on those software products that are completely dedicated to delivering great pro software to our customers".