Chuck Schumer Breaks the Senate

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On Thursday, Casey cited a few rulings in explaining his opposition to Gorsuch's nomination.

Schumer said Gorsuch favors the "powerful over the weak" and would not check President Trump's agenda. John Roberts, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan were all confirmed with more than 60 votes.

Earlier Thursday, Lindsey Graham of SC also signaled that he's willing to confirm Neil Gorsuch with a simple majority. So, "all we have to judge the judge on is his record".

Mr Schumer's announcement is sure to set up a bruising battle.

Grassley pointed to the 10 Democrats from states where President Donald Trump won, and suggested that their constituents would not appreciate their senators partaking in such a filibuster.

No Democrat has yet pledged to support Gorsuch, but Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia said Wednesday he is open to voting for him.

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Gorsuch's critics on the committee and in activist circles are promoting a narrative that the nominee tilts his legal thinking unfairly toward corporate interests and against "the little guy".

Republican leaders need to secure at least eight Democratic votes to pass the Gorsuch nomination, or they will need to trigger the so-called "nuclear option" to change the rules and allow the vote to pass with just a simple majority. Most recently, the Democrats had employed that tactic elsewhere, as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked it to assist in the confirmation of Obama's judicial and executive nominees. "It's to change the nominee", he said, according to the Washington Post. The committee will vote on his nomination the first week of April followed by a vote in the full Senate. Reid, who recently retired, kept the filibuster in place for Supreme Court nominees. Yet, he was among the Republicans who refused to accord Garland a hearing - not because he wasn't eminently qualified, but only because he was President Barack Obama's pick. The speakers included the father of an autistic boy whom Gorsuch ruled against.

The American Bar Association has already given Gorsuch a unanimous "well qualified" rating.

As a lifetime appointee, Judge Gorsuch would join the other justices in having the final legal word on numerous most sensitive United States issues. "This should not be a partisan issue", Jaffer said. "Judge Gorsuch is not a monk, but neither is he a missionary or an ideologue", said Kane, an appointee of President Jimmy Carter.

Why? To get even, of course. Supreme Court nominee Neil M. Gorsuch might escape serious resistance from Democrats in the Senate in his confirmation may have been stamped out Thursday by the party's top leader in the chamber.

CNN also reveals that the latest round of Senate hearings include 28 outside witnesses, both of the left and right persuasions, to hammer out the matter, which - let's get real - will likely not prevent a filibuster.