Apple Reportedly Looking into "Premium" 3-Channel TV Bundle

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"Apple doesn't have a bundle deal in place with any of the premium networks, industry sources say".

Apple has a new plan for selling us a streaming TV package: premium channels. The three channels are now being sold individually by Apple to the users of Apple TV and iOS devices.

Apple already offers all of these channels to its customers, although it has apparently been in talks with the three networks about offering all three together as on bundle. Now it adds that Apple has approached HBO, Showtime and Starz about combining them into one package similar to how traditional pay-TV providers have done for a long time but with one key difference. A bundle could theoretically be revealed alongside the company's fifth-gen streaming TV box. It now sells Showtime for $11 a month, HBO for $15 a month, and Starz for $9 a month.

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While companies like AT&T and Dish sell web TV packages, Re/code notes, Apple has said in the past that it wouldn't get into pay TV bundles. She was fighting back against the company's decision to not pay artists during the three-month free trial it was offering subscribers when it launched the service.

Apple recently hired Timothy Twerdhal, former chief of Amazon's Fire TV, to oversee the Apple TV's marketing, which means former Apple TV marketing head Pete Distad can work on Apple's TV deals.

Apple is trying to sign on premium TV to offer television services to its customers. Starz, Showtime, and HBO all sell subscriptions through their mobile apps, at cost of $8.99, $10.99, and $14.99. However, the company is not yet sure about the percentage of revenue the network owners would ask for and the price of the bundle.