Open Google Maps right now and play 'Ms. Pac-Man' around Utah

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This isn't just for Android either, as some iOS report not only seeing the spoof but are able to select their own map to play off of. Look for the "Insert coin" button on Google Maps.

The classic arcade game Ms Pac-Man is now playable in any street in the United Kingdom, thanks to a frustratingly addictive new update to Google Maps. "We are really all compost if you think about it", says Gnomey gloomily. A couple of years later it has again come with the same prank, but this time, Ms. Pac-Man will be there.

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It also appears this feature will be turning up on Google Maps as it becomes April 1st around the world.

So Google announced on Facebook that Ms Pac-Man is a map-eater and you can be one too. This is yet another classic example of how Google celebrates April Fool's Day, not to mention their great love for video games. You can then use the arrow buttons on PC or swipe on the screen on your smartphone in order to control Ms. Pac-Man. What has been your favorite Google April Fool's Day prank yet? This became hugely popular and was later put back online just so people could keep playing it. We love Google for all that it does, but this year it's getting a C+ for creativity, since this is basically a recycled idea. However, only desktop users will get to choose their location. Besides, after last year's Mic Drop debacle, perhaps they're going to play it a little safer this year. For example, I played in my neighborhood and got Ms. Pac-Man stuck in a round-about.