100 Percent Fresh Beef Brings Frozen Meat Confusion — McDonald's Quarter Pounders

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McDonald's announced Thursday that it will use fresh beef in its Quarter Pounder burgers, replacing frozen patties by the middle of next year, with some of its restaurants already having tested the change.

Now the concept will spread to a "majority" of McDonald's restaurants.

"The announcement follows executives" admissions earlier this month that "hundreds of millions' of visits had been lost by once-loyal customers who drifted away in search of better quality, convenience and value", Zlati Meyer reminds us in USA Today.

This latest shift marks one of the biggest moves by the company to turn around its struggling USA business.

That sales bump suggests McDonald's has been losing business at lunch and dinner, as more and more restaurant chains vie for the dining dollar.

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Chris Kempczinski, McDonald's United States of America president said "By no means are we done". McDonald's has been working on several healthy modifications of its food, including the removal of artificial preservatives, replacing margarine with butter, and several other such changes.

It also steps up competition with Wendy's Co., which has built its reputation on offering fresh beef. Worth franchisee Joe Jasper said. "The all-day breakfast success from the consumer side speaks for itself". McDonald's typically makes its burgers in advance and holds them in warming cabinets so they are ready when customers order them. Workers then put the sandwich together.

Wendy's thoroughly flamed its fast-food competitor McDonald's on Thursday, asserting that there's not much meat in McDonald's pledge to make its Quarter Pounders from fresh beef starting next year. This is a first step", said McDonald's United States of America president Chris Kempczinski, explaining that the Quarter Pounder was selected as the first burger line to make the switch, because it "is right up there with the Big Mac as we think of iconic products.

"They responded pretty well the moment they ate it". "We've got to work out whether we have the chillers or refrigerators with the necessary capacity". "I think we just said what everybody else is thinking, we really did".

"Over the past two years, we've made a series of bold, tangible changes for our customers", president and CEO Steve Easterbrook said in the press release. But he suggested that the team cracked the code. While sales have improved in the US over the last two years, customer traffic still has not.