Trump to sign order to scrap Obama's Clean Power Plan: EPA chief

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Trump can not simply eradicate past progress on climate action by himself.

But Pruitt criticized the accord as a "bad deal".

For a long time, the reason climate agreements would fall through is that the American fossil fuel industry (who have given Pruitt $270,000 in campaign funds over his lifetime) would complain that the USA shouldn't have to reduce their emissions if China didn't agree to do so also - even though China is in a different stage of industrial development, has always emitted far less carbon per capita than the USA, and has been actively working to peak their carbon emissions since even before the Paris Agreement was signed.

He went on: "And so there's been a stay against this Clean Power Plan". This is an effort to undo the unlawful approach the previous administration engaged in and to do it right going forward with a mindset of being pro-growth and pro-environment. "And we can achieve both". The order will compel federal agencies to quickly identify any actions that could burden the production or use of domestic energy resources, including nuclear power, and then work to suspend, revise or rescind the policies unless they are legally mandated, are necessary for the public interest or promote development.

In Februrary, as Trump signed the executive order revoking clean water protections, he insisted that his efforts would create "millions" of jobs.

The "bare minimum" the administration could do to address the Clean Power Plan would be to simply repeal it, without replacing the climate rule with something else.

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"For too long, over the last several years, we've accepted a narrative that if you're pro-growth, pro-jobs, you're anti-environment". The first ensures reviews measuring the environmental impact of an energy project will take climate change into account - Trump's been expected to do away with this rule for a few weeks. But the regulations for power plants were attainable and the plan gave states the liberty to decide how they met the standards of the plant.

More than 200,000 Americans die from carbon pollution annually (, and Americans pay more than $688.5 billion in medical bills for carbon-caused illnesses every year (Forbes).

Pruitt pointed out that innovation and technology, particularly in coal and natural gas, have brought the country's carbon footprint to pre-1994 levels. Those are market forces that won't be overcome by presidential orders.

New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection Bob Martin called the rule "unprecedented regulatory overreach" shortly after it was unveiled. It's also lower electricity rates for consumers across the country.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt previewed the president's plans during a Sunday interview on ABC News, saying that what he called "the Energy Independence Executive Order" was coming on Tuesday. "Across the energy sector, we have so much opportunity", he said.