VOTD: Watch the 'Rogue One' Ending Lead into 'Star Wars

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They get word that Princess Leia's ship is nearby and transmit the Death Star plans to her ship since Jyn and Cassian don't think their ship will survive the damage from Vader. "They know that she's secretly working for the Rebellion and they risk blowing her cover by transmitting the plans to her ship with the hope that this transmission won't be detected but Vader's ship".

Scenario two was laden with intrigue and espionage, because it involved Cassian Andor being revealed as an Imperial spy, who'd been planted among the Rebels by the Empire to keep an eye on them. "Surely, they should all die, right?" The corridors of the Tantive IV are the same, stark white; the costumes worn by the Rebel troopers are flawless replicas; and the digital displays on the ships remain wonderfully retro. But once he learns that the Death Star is not propaganda but is real and meant for genocide, he switches sides to help the Rebels destroy it. The Empire really built it, intends to use it and its only goal is a genocide weapon.

"They've got a carbon freeze bomb on the ship and the idea is that he forces everyone into the airlock", John told iO9. Personally, I would've loved to have seen more of R2-D2 and C-3PO than just a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo, or even better - what if Obi-Wan had actually appeared on screen instead of just being referenced as an "old Jedi friend".

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Hit play and enjoy, while you still can.

Rogue One's ending wasn't the only part of the film to face dramatic changes before and during production. This then led to them going to the transmission tower - which was in a completely different location in this incarnation of the film - to send the plans. "I go over to get a coffee from Starbucks".

That other ending for Star Wars: Rogue One, where everything went much more smoothly?