Tom Brady's Missing Super Bowl Jersey Reportedly Located

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A pair of New England Patriots jerseys worn by Tom Brady in two Super Bowls have been recovered and returned to the team. FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer reported Monday that the jersey has been located after it was taken by a member of the worldwide media.

Houston Police said Monday they did not make the case a top priority, but commended officers who invested countless hours and developed sources who led them to a credential holder in Mexico.

The jersey was recovered after a joint operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the NFL, and the New England Patriots' security department, the league announced Monday.

This "media member" also attended Super Bowl XLIX, where he stole Brady's jersey from that game. Perez of USA Today they had assigned "several" investigators in an attempt to locate Brady's jersey.

The FBI would not comment on the investigation.

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Houston police had listed the Super Bowl 51 jersey, which was missing for six weeks, as worth $500,000. Brady said he placed it in his locker and that he had team personnel look for it when he discovered it was gone. "Quite frankly, they are going to end up in the hands that they belong as in Mr. Brady and his family".

The Patriots were not messing around and filed a police report with the Houston Police Department, listing Brady as the victim of theft. "The FBI and the National Football League security, along with Patriots security and the Houston PD, they actually went through all this video to try and track somebody down, and they zeroed in on somebody, a person of interest", Galzer said Monday.

"It's kind of like a piece of art", Acevedo said. The connection between all items is that they were memorabilia from the Super Bowl MVPs.

Last month, Brady jokingly waded into investigating the missing jersey - and put together a "Suspect Board" that included Gollum, Lady Gaga and Jaws.

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