Drake Finally Releases "More Life"…Was It Worth The Wait?

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Reflecting on his humble beginnings, Drake dares his competition to step up and compete with his work but warns that they won't be able to keep up.

Drake's rumored paramour Jennifer Lopez immediately establishes a presence on the album, thanks to his allusion to drunk-texting her seconds into More Life's first track.

First single "Fake Love" was released back in October, but even on a first listen through, there are A LOT of potential singles in there. Also contributing to Drake's streaming success is his back catalogue which shows no signs of slowing down.

While Drake has been busy making cameos on the records of other artists, Drake flipped the script this time around and invited a number of guest collaborators to lend their voice.

After months of anticipation, Drake delivered a myriad of sounds Saturday, pulling from grime, reggae, trap and afrobeat genres to curate More Life. Tracks frequently flow one into the next, and across 80 minutes, "More Life" smoothly ebbs and flows from thumping trap to a laid-back variation of Drake's signature dancehall style (best expressed on the sequential "Get It Together and "Madiba Riddim")".

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Also absent is Young Money label-mate Nicki Minaj.

WILL DRAKE SETTLE DOWN?: Drake seems to take his mom's advice to heart, suggesting on "Do No Disturb" that he'll slam the brakes on his whirlwind music career.

Skepta is just one of the British artists featured on Drake's "More Life". It seems Drake's newest obsession is the United Kingdom as he features grime artists, Giggs and Skepta. His flow remains impeccable and it's increasingly clear that he's enjoying his time at the top regardless of any darkness that gets in his way.

A huge college basketball fan, Drake's nod at Kentucky head men's basketball coach John Calipari didn't go unnoticed.

After Drake told the actress and singer that he was not ready for a serious relationship Lopez completely flipped the script on him proving that she has more experience in handling big breakups. "No Long Talk" (featuring Giggs) 3.