DHS Publishes List of Jurisdictions That Rejected Immigrant Detainer Requests

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The numbers come from a report issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials on Monday that details the release of criminal aliens from local jails that refuse to honor immigration detainers issued by the agency.

"When criminal aliens are released from local or state custody, they have the opportunity to reoffend", ICE said in a statement. A detainer is a request from ICE for local authorities to hold an inmate for up to 48 hours beyond the normal release time-to allow handover to ICE. On Feb. 1, Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez's new ICE policy went into effect: she would only honor federal immigration detainers in cases where someone has been charged with murder, aggravated sexual assault or human smuggling.

In the report, DHS lays out the type of crime for which the individual was either charged or convicted, where they were arrested and the request was declined.

"This is an effort for us to be transparent with regards to how we conduct our enforcement operations and the public safety from those agencies that don't cooperate with those enforcement efforts", said a senior DHS official in a briefing call with reporters.

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The reports will be published weekly as required by President Trump's executive order Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States. The people ICE sought were natives of Cambodia, Mexico and Guatemala.

Separately, that week, ICE issued 3,083 detainers, but it was not yet clear how many of those were honored or declined due to lags in reporting. Fearing his deportation force, some undocumented women are opting to stay away from domestic violence courts and law enforcement agencies sworn to protect them.

The suspects in those jails had convictions for domestic violence, burglary and forgery, among other crimes. Some jurisdictions feel that legally, without a warrant from ICE, they can not detain individuals beyond the extent otherwise dictated by criminal law. That means the Southern Nevada County received the most detainers among "jurisdictions that do not comply with detainers on a routine basis", the report said.

The information reflects that detainers were declined on immigrants charged with a variety of crimes, including driving under the influence, drug possession, sexual assault, robbery and indecent exposure to a minor. According to numbers from the Sheriff's Office, Hernandez had declined 196 ICE detainers by February 2, with the majority of these applied retroactively.