Paul predicts GOP healthcare plan will fail

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There's a disconnect between the Republican Party leadership, President Trump, conservatives in the House, practical dealmakers in the Senate and those hard-core working-class voters who supported Trump's election chiefly based on their hatred for President Obama. Ryan appears to know that, and - unless we're missing some serious behind-the-scenes negotiating on the president's part - is publicly wishing it so by offering a reality to Trump that the president could slide into.

'We just got 12 very, very great people that went from no or maybe but maybe leaning to no, right Mike?' Trump said, indicating to Vice President Mike Pence. And now the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that while the federal deficit may diminish under Ryan's plan, 24 million fewer people would have health insurance 10 years from now.

Trump calls the House legislation "a great plan" and says there will be "bidding by insurance companies like you've never seen before".

Ryan questioned that analysis, suggesting that administrative actions taken by the Trump administration would further lower premiums and questioning whether the ACA would remain viable in a decade. But he allowed the additional assistance was one of several House revisions to be discussed in advance of Thursday's vote, along with possible changes to help low-income people more with tax credits and require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to meet work requirements. It is a health insurance bill that will worsen health care.

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Trump emphatically stated that "Obamacare is dead". Because I want the states to get the money and to run the program if they want to run it. "If this bill were flawless, if it was the greatest thing for Democrats and Republicans, we wouldn't get one Democrat vote", he claimed. Heller's spokesman Mac Abrams said Friday that the senator said he can't support the bill as the House GOP has crafted it. "You have to stop them". "We're confident tonight that there are not the votes to modify this current bill to make it acceptable to conservatives and moderates alike", Representative Mark Meadows, chairman of the conservative Freedom Caucus said on Wednesday night.

But Price admitted that changes to the House bill could potentially cost Republican votes in the Senate. "They have not been giving it a fair press". "That's what we're moving forward with in this first phase".

"It's a fine needle that needs to be threaded", Price said.