Freedom Caucus Not Pleased With Trumpcare: Three Republicans Voted Against AHCA

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Republicans are pulling in different directions as they strive to get traction for a health care overhaul that's in danger of being dragged down by differences within their own party.

The debate over the future of health care in America moved into the streets of Omaha Saturday.

There are some winners in the GOP plan - and not just the wealthy who get big tax cuts out of the deal. "This is a lot of money", said Emily Johnson, a senior policy and statistical analyst at the Colorado Health Institute. But there's this caveat: It's only good news if any revised plan they craft reverses the original plan's heartless attempt to deny health care to as many as 24 million Americans over the next decade - with 14 million losing coverage in the first year.

The poor will be able to afford coverage: Trump has repeatedly said that the government should help pay for coverage for the poor, dismissing the fact that this is not a popular view among Republicans.

President Donald Trump met with some House conservatives, including members of the Republican Study Committee on Friday morning, and they agreed on an amendment package that would include giving states the option to block grant Medicaid rather than receive a per capita cap, and to maintain work requirements for certain Medicaid enrollees. That was instrumental in Colorado's uninsured rate dropping by half by covering adults without children who make less than $16,000 a year.

The Republican plan says you do not have to buy insurance. He said he believes they have not agreed to quickly phase out an expansion of Medicaid, another conservative demand.

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Only half of the State of Tennessee, where he addressed a public meeting this week half, is covered. By 2020, the federal share of the expansion gradually phases down to 90 percent, with Colorado covering 10 percent. It is nearly inexplicable why Republicans - and Trump in particular - would back a plan that seems almost created to punish the voters who gave Trump his victory. Griffith said they were focused on keeping the reconciliation legislation in line with the Senate's Byrd rule, meaning any amendments must be tied to the budget in order to pass the bill without any Democratic support. Figures are in billions of dollars.

There are almost 129,000 uninsured people in the 11th District that Conaway represents, according to the most recent census data. "This is something that could have an impact that goes beyond Medicaid". The state is spending $11 billion on Medicaid this budget year.

Why would we replace that with something that is much worse?

The various medical and patient advocacy groups in attendance at the National Press Club committed to work with lawmakers to ensure changes to the AHCA would improve affordability and quality coverage of care. "We have a population that's growing in this state and we don't have an appetite for increasing taxes, quite frankly".

These changes to Medicaid would likely further reduce the number of people covered under the program. Premiums, deductibles and other cost sharing will continue to rise because medical inflation continues to rise.

Meanwhile, as the bill comes under attack, House Speaker Ryan continues to emphasize the president's involvement in writing the bill.