UPSET: Wisconsin Badgers bounce top seed Villanova 65-62

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The team finished the season second in the Big Ten and second in the Big Ten Conference championship, falling to MI 71-56.

The defending champs trailed for much of the game and did not resemble favorites to win a national championship but did build a seven-point advantage down the stretch before being outscored 15-5 as crunch time came and went. So as long as you can get in the brackets and the big party and the big dance, just win. He played three sports very well through high school, including baseball, where he was a pitcher just like first cousin J.A. Happ, who got a World Series ring from the Phillies for his contribution to the 2008 season.

"Ranking and seeding is very subjective".

Hayes said Perez-Guerra deserves a lot of the credit for his Ironman streak.

The Badgers are fully capable of the upset, but they don't have the depth behind their three best players and predicting them to keep pace with Villanova seems unlikely. "I know it may sound extreme, but I'd rather go out there in the game and give everything I have".

Bronson Koenig was gasping for air at times in the first half of an NCAA tournament opener Thursday night. The Wildcats quickly fouled Brown, who made one free throw to give Badgers a three-point cushion that turned out to be more than enough as Villanova struggled to corral the rebound and saw its season ended earlier than expected.

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina coach Frank Martin had a message for long-suffering fans: It won't take the Gamecocks 44 years to win another NCAA Tournament game.

The Villanova Wildcats are 10-0 in their last 10 games against the Big Ten.

The Badgers had four different starters finish in double figures, with senior Nigel Hayes leading the way with 19 points.

Wildcats coach Jay Wright was concerned about Wisconsin, calling them a "great number eight" seed. "I felt like they were the best fit for me because they kind of treated me like family there".

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Koenig, a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation, made headlines this year for protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock.

It's curious to think that a team coming off an NCAA championship could still carry around a reputation for getting bumped off early in the tournament. For that reason alone, it felt like against the wrong team, on the wrong night in the Big Dance, they could be beaten. They'll face Arizona next.

"I think (Marquette's) outside shooting has been unbelievable", Maillet said. Yes, the Jackrabbits were only 18-16, a fourth-place finisher in their less-than-powerhouse conference.

The most impressive part of that total is that Hayes hasn't missed any games. "You can be down 8 or 10 points, hit a couple 3-pointers, and you're back in it".

"They wouldn't let us land in Buffalo on the first pass". Plus, they don't have a deep bench.

While Kris Jenkins is a key player when it comes to their success, Villanova also relies heavily on their guards Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson. It is my senior year.

Every bit as telling was Gonzaga's win over South Dakota State, a team that, by nearly any measure, had the wrong number next to its name coming into this tournament.

Maillet seems to think that the fact Marquette is playing the Gamecocks in SC shouldn't have too big of an impact on the game and its results.

"This is a great day for Gamecock basketball", said Alex English, the Denver Nuggets great who scored 22 points in that long-ago SC win.

The two-time national champion acknowledged that he briefly accepted the MI job one morning in 2001 before a conversation with his wife prompted him to call back university officials and turn down the job. The Cavalier and Gators will tip off at 8:40 p.m. Saturday on TNT. The game will air on TBS. The game will air on CBS.