School district says Le'Veon Bell can't attend prom due to policy

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Earlier this week, a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan living in Wisconsin bet Le'Veon Bell on Twitter that if she could secure enough retweets on her prom invitation, the 25-year-old running back would accompany her to her high school's dance.

Waukesha School District spokeswoman Terry Schuster told the Appleton Post-Crescent that Bell is welcome at other events such as the grand march and photo sessions with Tarantino, but can not attend the dance itself. School policy bars guests who are older than 19.

"You can Google Mr. Bell", school spokeswoman Terry Schuster said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "He's not her date", Jim Tarantino said. He challenged her to get 600-retweets of their exchange, and then he'd agree to be her date.

The rule is there to preserve the "safety and appropriateness" of the dance, and "has been in place for decades with no exceptions", a school district spokesperson said.

Le'Veon Bell's prom date promise to one hopeful Steelers fan appears to have hit a snag.

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Bell served a two-game suspension from the National Football League to start the 2015 season for the infraction and has since completed his probation program.

Bell has told her he intends to bring his family, including his mother and girlfriend, who will do Tarantino's makeup, according to media reports.

"But I think, in this case, he's a celebrity". The family does say if Bell is not allowed to attend, there are other public student events that Bell would be allowed to attend.

He thinks the district could use Bell's visit to impart a number of positive lessons for students: that hard work breeds success, that negative actions have consequences, and that sometimes there are second chances.