Trump's tax return got Rachel Maddow her highest ratings ever

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Forty-eight minutes later she gave viewers a bit more, tweeting, "What we've got is from 2005... the President's 1040 form... details to come tonight 9PM ET, MSNBC".

And there it was, the big qualifier to her major news: The show only had "a portion" of President Trump's tax returns, a fact she neglected to mention in her tweet for obvious reasons.

The president has claimed, without evidence, that he would not release his taxes because he is under an Internal Revenue Service audit, and that U.S. voters do not care.

Before the tax episode, Maddow's viewership had already doubled her numbers from the same time past year, to an average of about 2.3 million viewers, despite a White House statement that called her "desperate for ratings". Sometimes it's proper to contextualize an issue.

David Cay Johnston, the editor and founder of, said he received Trump's tax information in the mail Monday. Maddow's story showed that he paid much more than many expected, even exceeding the tax rate paid by his political opponents, including Sen.

And the cable-cutting generation under 35 who scrambled to stream the Maddow show or watch from a bar or a parent's home seemed to learn something, too: that the world of cable-TV has its own language and its own inexplicable mores. This is not a woman who believes in cutting to the chase.

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I'm not hung up on the use of breaking news to tease the information. "I definitely feel like, hey, if you're new, let me meet you where you are".

Trump says he has not released his tax returns because they are under audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

While campaigning for president Trump said that if elected he would release his taxes, but once in office he backpedalled.

- Gina Marie (@Kompanie) March 15, 2017A little confused as to why we are only seeing the 2005 Trump tax return.

Margaret Sullivan is The Washington Post's media columnist.