Tillerson's email alias was prompted by business needs, Exxon says

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The investigation began in November 2015, and on Monday, the attorney general's office sent a letter to New York County Supreme Court saying Exxon Mobil "has failed to comply in good faith" with a subpoena issued to produce documents from its top executives, including from the "Wayne Tracker" email account. It involves claims that Exxon Mobil made "false, deceptive, or misleading statements about climate change and the impact it may have on its bottom line", according to a February 5, 2016 letter by the New York Attorney General to supporters.

"The email address Wayne.Tracker@exxonmobil.com is part of the company's email system and was put in place for secure and expedited communications between select senior company officials and the former chairman for a broad range of business-related topics", spokesman Alan T. Jeffers said in statement viewed by CNN Money.

Exxon has been accused of trying to cover up the risks of climate change and lying to the public. Neither of those instances involved an alias. NY claims the Irving, Texas-based energy giant has failed to turn over thousands of relevant files.

In addition to the email alias used by Tillerson, Schneiderman's office said that it has identified 34 other email accounts assigned to top executives, board members and their assistants that had not been disclosed by Exxon.

According to the news site, Tillerson, or should I say Tracker, Wayne Tracker, now has significant pull over matters related to climate change as the USA secretary of state.

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Attorney General Schneiderman has subpoenaed Exxon for internal documents and communications that might show the thought process behind these decisions, and he is now tussling with the company over the documents they've handed over-and the ones they may not have.

The news of the secondary email account has raised questions among climate advocacy groups.

Use of the email alias was seized upon by environmentalists on Tuesday, who said it revealed a pattern of deception. NY and MA earlier this month said they'd refuse to comply with subpoenas by the House Committee on Science Space and Technology, setting the stage for a possible legal showdown over state and federal investigatory powers.

Schneiderman and Healey reject the allegations and contend the federal government can not interfere in their investigations.