Patrick: Straus "out of touch with the voters" on bathroom bill

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The Texas Senate will debate and vote Tuesday on the proposed "bathroom bill" which would require people to use public facilities associated with their birth sex.

The final stamp of approval for the so-called "bathroom bill" could come as early as today in the Texas Senate. The Senate passed a bill that would give up millions in federal Medicaid dollars to create a state-run family planning program that excludes abortion providers. The bathroom bill will not be officially approved by the Senate until the reading on Wednesday afternoon.

Other legislative activity has delayed a longstanding effort to remove state funding for Planned Parenthood, though Republicans say it remains a priority. The Senate passed the measure 20-11 Tuesday afternoon. The NFL and NBA commissioners have said they would keep high-profile events, including the Super Bowl and the NBA All-Star Game, out of Texas if this type of discriminatory legislation passes. S.B. Opponents argued that forcing transgender people to use restrooms that go against their gender identity is discrimination and could cause other problems.

"I think the people of Texas expect boundaries between gender", Kolkhorst said.

President Donald Trump, whose strong Election Day showing in GOP regions makes him the party's ultimate Capitol Hill vote wrangler, discussed the legislation by phone with the House's two top Republicans. "Trans people in Texas have it hard enough".

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"There needs to certainly be deliberation and something that ameliorates people's concerns", Cassidy said.

The fight hinges, as it often does in these cases, on the "safety" argument, with fans of the bill saying that it will protect women from male predators who might pretend to be transgender in order to get inside women's bathrooms and locker rooms.

With leaders hoping to move the measure through the House next week so the Senate can debate it, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged they were open to changes.

"The Republican senator tells George Stephanopolous House Republicans should hit the pause button on new healthcare bill vote". The organization, a statewide union for teachers, registered against the vote, but a representative did not testify before the Senate.