HBO sets "Game of Thrones" 7th season debut for July 16

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In an elaborate media stunt on Thursday, HBO bosses chose to give fans the news by melting a huge ice block to reveal the date on Facebook live.

A slightly less cryptic teaser was posted shortly after.

The first poster for the new series was revealed on Thursday, giving very little away as to plot details but building momentum ahead of the date reveal.

In it, Jon Snow says: "There is only one war that matters".

The blockbuster series has revealed its return date via a livestream of a melting block of ice.

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The new season will be seven episodes instead of the usual 10. The first live stream ended unexpectedly without a release date due to technical difficulties, but eventually it was back on, along with a cryptic new teaser.

After the more general discussion, he also got into how the fans' perception of the show is extremely important.

The 90-second clip is largely devoted to recapping the events of the previous six seasons using voiceovers and giant stone versions of the major house sigils. The show debuted in 2010 and has won 38 Emmys, more than any other narrative show in the history.

Meanwhile, there's still a seventh season to get through, and that subject has consumed fans, who devour every cast member interview for clues, including a recent interview with Jim Broadbent, who months ago was confirmed as a seventh-season regular.

With only 14 episodes to go until the grand finale, fans can expect the next season to revolve around the White Walkers and a "brutal, bloody and wintry return to Westeros". The creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have previously announced that the last two seasons will have less episodes.