A lovely sendoff - and exciting future - in 'The Vampire Diaries' series finale

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After eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries cast bid farewell to viewers with its series finale on Friday, March 10. Find out more about our reactions to the TVD Final Series. "8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own".

The CW led into the 9PM finale with a "Vampire Diaries" special in the 8PM hour. And, she received a donation from an ancient friend - Klaus Mikaelson - who wrote her a letter where he said he hoped to see her at some point in the future. As is revealed in the finale, it was actually Katherine controlling Cade all along, making the whole story have an emotional tether to reality.

After Bonnie "did it" - twice - by saving the town from Hellfire obliteration and breaking Kai's spell on Elena, she decided she needed a vacation.

Bringing Katherine back also allowed the show to have the brothers sacrifice themselves for each other one last time in order to finally defeat her, which feels like a fitting bookend. Without any hesitation, Damon decides to take it upon himself to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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For a show that was very wrapped up in stories of romantic love throughout its run, interestingly the finale eschewed those stories as the most important for two of its main characters. Are we to understand, then, that he's just died after a long and happy life with Elena and will spend eternity with Stefan instead of Elena? Both Bonnie and Caroline ended the series having lost their true loves-and, thankfully, both seemed largely at peace with where their life ended up. Well deserved. But part of her motivation was that she wanted to honor Enzo's legacy by living her given life to its fullest before joining him in her mind-created happy place ever-after. Caroline started a boarding school for supernatural kids, which is honestly totally odd but at least feels like an active, purposeful life not spent exclusively mourning Stefan.

We know that Vicki was already dead before she started ringing that bell to keep herself out of Hell, so there aren't too many question marks surrounding her survival of the Hellfire blast on the watchtower, but. what's the deal with these ghosts that are running around town anyway? And then, Stefan's afterlife of peace saw him walk outside of Mystic Falls HS and reunite with his departed friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel).

Despite this, rumor website Counsel & Heal has suggested, citing an Unreality TV report, that Nikki Reed is really upset with the possibility that Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder will still be working together even after "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8. Elena and Damon live happily until death.

Perhaps some of the most touching featured Nina and Zach Roerig, who shot the pilot together in Vancouver and took many a ski trip to Whistler during the shoot. Damon got the girl, and was reunited with Stefan when he found peace in the afterlife.