Arkansas college student juggles to prove sobriety to police

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This is especially true on Friday and Saturday nights.

A college student in Arkansas put on quite a show for a police officer after he was pulled over.

He told police he was driving slowly because he knew he had a faulty brake light.

"I would have been silly not to", Puckett said. They were definitely having a good time.

At a time when tensions are high between police and the public in the USA, this traffic stop goes a long way to prove stereotypes wrong.

The video, released by the University of Central Arkansas police department, shows the moment two officers pull over a young man with the license plate "JUGGLER" to conduct a roadside sobriety test.

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"This is going to sound weird, but I'm a magician", Puckett says.

"I could tell pretty much from that initial contact, and no odor coming from the vehicle, that he was okay to drive", McKay said. "You don't have to, I don't want you to feel pressured".

Puckett didn't even miss a beat and said not only could he perform magic tricks, but that he would juggle for the officer - thinking that would surely prove he was not drunk if the cop had any lingering concerns.

"Now I knew I could prove I hadn't been drinking, especially with some juggling clubs in the backseat", Puckett said.

"At that point it was really just, hey let's have some fun", Mr Puckett says.