Women's Day Highlights Political Divides In Trump's America

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Women are on strike across the nation today in a mass demonstration aimed at illustrating their often overlooked contributions to society and the economy.

However, or wherever, you're marking International Women's Day we'd like you to share your experiences, messages, photographs and videos with us.

As a queer feminist, I support those ideals wholeheartedly.

"The Trump WH is so feminist, EVERY day is Day Without a Woman", the caption read. But we're also striking to raise awareness for the things that affect women outside the workplace, too, like reproductive rights, access to education, and sexual and domestic violence. Since Deloitte launched its Agile Working Strategy in June 2014, "I have been able to work hard, and dedicate a healthy amount of time to my family - something I promote to all women around me". On my best days, my work contributes to the resistance against Trump.

Through its Chime for Change program, Gucci took out a full-page ad in The New York Times, The International New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal Wednesday featuring an open letter on the importance of gender equality.

"I mean, did you see that vagina over there?"

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"It's really about not having an economic impact, I guess".

Organizers for the protest encouraged people to take a day off work, wear red or only patronize women and minority-owned businesses.

I work from home, but I'm still wearing red today.

The global women's celebration day was launched to advocate for improved rights and pay for women, while International Men's Day focuses on raising awareness for discrimination and male health. Historically, gay men have comprised a majority of the site's readership, and as a result, it's primarily been written and edited by men. She says women who head single-parent households or who work for hourly wages will have a more hard time taking the day off than women in higher socio-income groups.

Protests and marches are expected across the country today as thousands of women commemorate the struggle for women's rights.