To Build His Wall, Trump Would Cut FEMA, Airline and Waterway Security

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The budget for the Coast Guard would be cut by about 14 percent from $9.1 billion in 2017 to $7.8 billion. Trump's budget plan also calls for 11 percent cuts in the budgets for the TSA and FEMA.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security's budget would be boosted by more than 6%, with some $2.9 billion earmarked for building a U.S. -Mexico border wall. The White House then proposed a 20 percent tax on imports from the key US ally; the proposal was met with swift criticism as the two countries conduct some $1.6 billion a day in cross-border trade.

How much will President Donald Trump's wall along the U.S. -Mexico border cost?

He has also proposed increasing the number of Border Patrol and Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents.

"It is a mockery of national security, it kind of epitomizes everything that's wrong with the Trump approach to national defense and makes our nation less safe in the name of national security", said Sen.

The Post's report added, "The plan puts the administration in the unusual position of trading spending on security programs for other security priorities at the southern border, raising questions among Republican lawmakers and homeland-security experts".

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The $500 million in proposed budget cuts for the TSA would include $65 million in funding for behavioral-detection officers and $55 million for local law-enforcement grants to airports, according to Politico. "It would be premature for us to comment - or anyone to report - on the specifics of this internal discussion before its publication", said OMB spokesman John Czwartacki, as reported by CNN.

VoteVets, an anti-Trump veterans group, tweeted their opposition to the proposed cuts to the Coast Guard.

"A$3 s preparations are made for a wall on the Southwest border, migrants, smugglers and potential terrorists will look to America's shores and waterways for entry", writes Rep. Duncan Hunter (R) of California, one of Trump's earliest backers, in an opinion piece for Fox News.

Throughout his campaign, the now-president repeatedly called for a wall on the border of the U.S. and Mexico to stop unsafe criminals from entering the country illegally. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had said the estimated cost of the wall was between $12 billion and $15 billion.

Despite the fact that the TSA has many critics, the Trump administration can not justify taking away funding from the airport screening organization and leaving USA airports more vulnerable. "I will join my colleagues from both sides of the aisle on the Coast Guard caucus to stop this destructive plan from ever being implemented".