The Touching Way The Walking Dead Referenced Glenn In Say Yes

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She wants Negan dead and she's going to do whatever she can to make that happen.

In the end Rick didn't save the deer from a disgusting undead existence, as it chose to run away and escaped the clutches of the walkers instead.

Rick Grimes, who famously walked away from a leadership position back during the prison days (look where that got everyone!) might be reluctant to agree with Michonne in the moment. That callback will become important later in the episode.

The leader of the Junkyard group expresses that a take of 63 guns, functionality unknown, isn't going to measure up to what Rick and our heroes are asking them to do in return. It was fun! They were smiling, the banter was good, and then Rick nearly died from being stupid, but they made it out. But they need to keep moving forward, to move on. Later, they find the remains of a fairground and army hold-up with a bunch of stored food, and a lot of walkers wandering around with guns strapped to their backs. It's just good people having mostly good times.

Rick and Michonne have been great protagonists for years. If they had just made a decision to head south and keep going, that too would be fine with me.

Brown may not be a cast member on the show, but she's easily one of the most-popular guests on the program for a wide array of different reasons. It is a pairing that makes sense though as Rick, Carl, Michonne and Judith were like a surrogate family well before any romantic tension was introduced.

"I need you to understand the gravity of what's happening here", says a Saviour, presumably to Ezekiel. Rick is trying to convince Michonne that she can lose him because it's not about them.

It has been so long since we saw them on a more intimate level that we nearly forgot why these two were together. In an important turn, she made the decision that seemed least viewer hostile, if not least hostile to the women of Oceanside, when she chose to have a talk with Rick at the end of the episode.

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Last season too, he armed his people to the teeth and arrogantly walked into Negan's outpost, wrongly assuming he had the upper hand. Maybe they're the next hot sex duo?

Their moods improve even more upon finding, like, a metric ton of MREs, canned goods, bottled water and other supplies. I can lose you.

- Jadis annoyed me more in her brief appearance in this episode than when we met her last time. Below you can find the broadcast information for "Say Yes" and live streaming options to watch on your iPhone, PS4 or on Amazon in case you can't get in front of the TV at the time it airs. As we learned in this past episode, Sasha and Rosita aren't really keen on waiting around for things to happened. Meanwhile, Rosita tries her own luck with a scavenging mission for guns, but comes up empty - only finding a toy gun at the entrance of a house. She will be honest, and she'll also be amusing depending on whatever it is that you're talking about.

Carol's been lying low because after her encounter with the female Saviors in "Same Boat" she realized how tenuous her grasp on humanity is at this point.

We can't get enough of Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead Season 7. She signs on immediately, under one condition: "I get to take the shot".

Twitter was abuzz as the sparks began to fly between the two lovebirds, though not much else happened for a large duration of the episode.

Later that night, after some implied bow-chicka-wow-wow-ing, we see Rick sitting on the side of the bed in a moment of insomnia.