Spotify rumored to be launching a Hi-Fi music service

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Apple Music said it hit 20 million in December, adding 3 million subscribers in three months at that time. Some customers are seeing that the new feature would charge an additional $5 per month on top of the $10 per month they are already paying. This doesn't just signify the first variation in Spotify's 2 staple offerings (free and Premium) but also sees the service going up directly against Jay Z's rival streamer - Tidal.

In an effort to attract audiophiles away from Tidal, Spotify is reportedly gearing up to launch a new lossless audio tier.

Tidal may not have bragging rights as the only big music streaming service to offer higher-resolution audio content for much longer, with rumors that Spotify is finally ready to unveil its own premium offering. With Apple choosing the Lightning connector over the headphone jack and Android manufacturers switching to USB-C at a rapid pace, there are now millions of smartphone owners who can experience lossless audio wherever they are.

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Spotify Premium now offers lossy files up to 320 kpbs which, for many, is quite enough. Think of it as the music quality that artists, studio engineers, and music producers intended for users to hear.

Spotify is openly testing a lossless streaming option.

Find screenshots of what the new tier will offer below. Keep an eye out on your Spotify app for potential prompts. Lossless audio, on the other hand, offers even higher audio quality while making the files manageable enough for streaming consumption. For more information please visit Tech Times.