Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker

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While Microsoft hasn't muttered a word on what this update could entail, it could land alongside Project Neon, the next version of the company's Windows design language. You should experience fewer reboots, which will reduce the likelihood that an update will be installed at an inopportune time. The feature is similar to a feature on Macs, which by default prevents users from installing apps from "unidentified developers".

You can choose exactly what time Windows 10 will install updates.

It will be a matter of waiting for the remaining time until the next update to get to know this and other new features that will include the new Windows 10 update.

Snooze - pushes the update out for three days. Everyone should have a 6 hour window they can ear mark for updates to be installed and this now matches what is possible on Windows 10 Mobile devices. While EU regulators revealed last month that they're still concerned over Windows 10 privacy settings, Microsoft is pushing ahead with some changes to simplify privacy settings. Here are two screen shots of the choices you will have when the Creators Update becomes available. We first talked about the feature earlier this week, and Microsoft has officially dubbed it Application Installation Control.

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Even with this better testing, the possibility of having to hold back the Creators Update for some users due to the discovery of an incompatibility can't be ruled out.

As you can see above, when a user clean installs Windows 10 Creators Update or upgrades their existing Windows 10 system, they will be prompted to make decisions on these five key privacy settings.

This scrounge has been with us for years, but it seems Microsoft is finally listening and taking a more pragmatic approach to keeping us both happy and up to date.

Since the launch of Windows 10, one of the biggest user complaints has been around how it handles updates to the operating system - namely, how it sometimes will download new upgrades on its own, requiring a restart.