Xbox Game Pass Subscription Offers Over 100 Games For $10 Per Month

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That said, they did mention a few of the titles including Payday 2, National Basketball Association 2K16, Halo 5 and Soul Caliber II. EA is obviously missing from the list as they have their own EA Access service which is now exclusive to the Xbox One so it makes sense they wouldn't sign on for part of the new service. Presumably, you won't be able to keep playing a game once it's shoved out of the program, but subscribers will get a discount on the full purchase of any Xbox Game Pass title they want to keep. This includes all DLC for Game Pass titles, so if you encounter a game you like, you can take advantage of these discounts to add it to your library permanently.

The Xbox Game Pass service will launch this Spring, with select members of the Xbox Insider Program having the chance to try out the service starting today. Even books and video games are getting in on the act, and Microsoft wants a piece of the action. Even used copies of popular games often sell for over $30, which is why Microsoft's new Xbox Game Pass is such an exciting proposition. Just like with EA Access, you download the games to your hard drive and can play them natively on your console. The Xbox Game Pass includes over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for $9.99 per month.

On Tuesday, Spencer started the day right by introducing Xbox Games Pass via a blog post.

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Add-ons for those games will be available for purchase with the same exclusive discount for Xbox Game Pass members as well. As a result of fans expressing concern over unreliable internet connections, Microsoft has decided that games from the Xbox Games Pass library will be downloaded to your console for a "native, full-fidelity gaming experience". Spencer announced the service will "launch to the wider Xbox community later this Spring". Let us know below.

Regardless of further details that will inevitably come to light, Microsoft does intend to test the service before a full-scale launch.