Men- exercise might be hurting your sex life

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Researchers at the University of North Carolina had almost 1,100 adult male volunteers fill out three different sets of questionnaires: one asking about their typical sexual behavior, one questioning them on their exercise habits, and a final set focused on general health and medical histories.

The men who participated in the survey were divided up based on how much and how intensely they exercise, but then also based on whether their libidos were high or low.

The study's authors found that participants with the least-intense training regimes had greater odds of having a high or normal libido than those who trained at the highest intensity.

A team of researchers from the University of North Carolina has compared the sex drive of two groups of men, those who prefer to keep their training regimen light and those who enjoy intense workouts.

It also found those who exercised for a shorter amount of time had a higher sex drive. They were classified according to their workout intensity and frequency, ending up in one of the several categories, regarding their exercise routine.

A final set of questions asked about general health and medical histories.

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After analyzing the data provided by the participants, the researchers were quick to determine the emerging pattern which showed that men with intense workouts had lower libido. Also, the study can not account for a reason why these two should be connected.

Could your CrossFit workout take a toll on your sex life?

But Professor Hackney said: "Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises".

While physical fitness stimulates our feel-good hormones, increases the blood flow, and even get us in the right mental-state; it was also found that men who exercise moderately have better penile function than those who do not.

According to WebMD, revving up a man's sex drive will depend on the root cause, but potential treatments include healthier lifestyle choices, such as improving diet, improving length and quality of sleep, cutting down on alcohol, and reducing stress.