Microsoft's Project Sangam Uses LinkedIn to Bridge Skills Gap

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Skype's light version, which is available in nine Indian languages, also has a built-in Aadhaar identity tool that can help companies and businesses in doing background checks of the applications.

As soon as the training is completed, Microsoft will update their profiles for employers to shortlist and hire the skilled workers.

Going further Nadella also talked about Kaizala, a mobile app that Microsoft had launched previous year as a productivity app for teams. If the person chooses to share that information, at the end of the call, all of the Aadhaar ID data is completely erased from the recipient's device. The candidates will also receive job options according to their skills, according to a report.

He also said that cloud helps in financial inclusion and helps banks take advantage of data for making advanced decisions. Besides, it will help the workers learn more skills to find jobs for themselves. In terms of being designed for India, the company says Skype Lite app can work efficiently on low bandwidth as well.

"It uses a deep integration with LinkedIn to provide every Indian with jobs". The platform, which is still in a private preview stage, is yet to go public.

In a 45-minute discussion with Nandan Nilekani, one of the architects of the country's IT infrastructure, Nadella said such power and capability was not available earlier.

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Nadella said that Microsoft is very excited about innovations like Kaizala, an application from Microsoft Garage that helps to fill the communication gap between the administration.

"Skype Lite" is an all-in-one app and has functionalities such as integrated calling and SMS by which a user can make it the default calling and messaging app. I do wish Skype Lite's notifications supported quick reply (the full Skype app does), but that's a small complaint.

The Skype Lite app is programmed to consume least possible data compared to the regular Skype app.

People will not write applications the way they do now do revealed Microsoft's Services chief technology officer Norm Judah on the sidelines of the Future Decoded conference in Mumbai.

Chief Minister Naidu said that over 62,000 police officers in Andhra Pradesh were connected via Kaizala, which was being used to generate real-time on the ground data, and he added that it worked well on basic Android handsets, even on 2G connections.

Government servicesThe Aadhaar scheme, which is the collection of India's new proprietary identity system, can be accessed via the app.