Local spring primary election results

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Less than 2,000 voters went to the polls in Oneida County on Tuesday when the only race countywide on the spring primary ballot was for state superintendent of public instruction. Here are some questions and answers about the race. Holtz said Tuesday night that he welcomed money from outside groups that support school choice to help his campaign.

Holtz is a former superintendent at Whitnall, Beloit and Palmyra-Eagle school districts and Wisconsin elementary school principal of the year while Humphries is the Dodgeville School District's director of state and federal programs and a former consultant. Humphries has called for creation of a state school board, which Holtz and Evers oppose.

Holtz would also scrap the Common Core Standards adopted by Wisconsin and or than 40 other states.

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That one received more than 311,000 signatures . "I didn't actually realise there were so many interpretations of it". The debate is largely symbolic, as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office rejected the anti-Trump petition last week.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is not predicting turnout.

"The real winners tonight are Wisconsin's 860,000 public school kids", Evers said in a statement. Humphries also wants to overhaul the state report card and create a way for low-performing schools to be reorganized into charter or private voucher schools. John Humphries got 495 votes and finished third in the County and across the state. Holtz is calling for better discipline in schools to make classrooms more safe and secure. Last week, Humphries and Holtz traded accusations over an alleged proposal that one of the men drop out of the race in exchange for a guaranteed position at the Department of Public Instruction. He also wants to increase local control and empower teachers. The candidate has gained support from union leaders, public school advocates and democrats. Republican Sen. Luther Olsen, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, backs Evers. Holtz is backed by numerous conservative groups and about two dozen Republican state lawmakers.