Chaos Surrounds Mysterious Murder Of Kim Jong-un's Brother

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Malaysia's health minister said on Monday that the autopsy results for Kim Jong Nam's body could be released within two days.

He announced that authorities had asked the embassy on Wednesday to hand over Second Secretary Hyon Kwang Song and North Korean state-airline employee Kim Uk Il - both of whom are believed to be in Malaysia and wanted in connection with the case.

They are now seeking four more North Korean men, who entered the country on different dates in the fortnight running up to the assassination, and all left on the day it was carried out. He also said that they had practised the move several times beforehand in shopping centres in the Malaysian capital.

At least three of four North Korean men at large took a flight from Jakarta to Dubai on the evening of the murder, an Indonesian immigration official said.

They also said the women suspected of fatally poisoning the scion of North Korea's ruling family were trained to coat their hands with toxic chemicals then wipe them on his face.

"They knew it was a toxic substance to kill Jong-nam".

Residents of the rice farming village in Vietnam where Huong grew up said she was very fashionable, often changing her hair colour and returning each lunar new year with a different foreign boyfriend.

The mother of the detained Indonesian woman told Reuters that her daughter, Siti Aishah, had been duped into believing she was part of a television show or advertisement.

He most recently asserted that North Korea would "categorically reject" any autopsy by Malaysian authorities because Malaysia was allegedly colluding with South Korean officials to blame the Kim dictatorship for his brother's death.

While North Korea has denied any involvement, South Korea's acting President said the murder shows the "recklessness and brutality of the North Korean regime".

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He said the two were given the liquid by four North Korean men, who have since fled to Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Nam was not known to be seeking political power, but was best known for his penchants for drinking, gambling and expensive restaurants.

Kim Jong-nam's body is being held, as investigators attempt to establish what caused him to die from a seizure en route to hospital after complaining that a woman had sprayed chemicals on his face at Kuala Lumpur global airport.

Although North Korea has not yet matched Malaysia by recalling its ambassador to Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian government might be compelled to pressure Pyongyang into handing over the diplomat, according to Shahriman.

Malaysian police have tightened security after there were break-in attempts at the hospital mortuary where assassinated Kim Jong-nam's body has been kept, police said on Wednesday (22 February).

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il (sitting-L) with his son, Kim Jong-nam (sitting-R), in Pyongyang.

The case has perplexed toxicologists, who question how the two women could have walked away unscathed after handling a powerful poison.

The North Korean suspects are believed to have orchestrated the hit and provided the toxin, which has yet to be identified but is said to be "more potent than cyanide".

The two nations have made a series of increasingly angry statements since then, with Malaysia saying it was following its legal protocols, and North Korea insisting Malaysia is working in collusion with its enemy South Korea.

Malaysia has requested their extradition, but North Korea has refused to comply.