Zuckerberg Issues New Facebook Manifesto

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As for what you see on your Facebook news feed, Zuckerberg said that the goal is to get to a better system, not yet fully developed, that blends personal controls, community standards, local laws and a dash of artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg has clearly done a lot of thinking in the last twelve months. In the letter posted on Facebook titled 'Building Global Community' he said, "Today I want to focus on the most important question of all: are we building the world we all want?"

Slotting Facebook's ambitions into five neat heads, Zuckerberg claims to want to build supportive, safe, informed, civically-engaged, and inclusive communities that will "build the long term social infrastructure to bring humanity together".

On the safety front, Mr Zuckerberg talks about its deployment of amber alerts to rescue kidnapped children as well as Facebook features like safety check, where users can alert loved ones that they are safe in the case of an attack or natural disaster. "History is the story of how we've learned to come together in ever greater numbers-from tribes to cities to nations", he writes. For the past decade, the social networking giant has focused on connecting family members and friends. "Our greatest opportunities are now global - like spreading prosperity and freedom, promoting peace and understanding, lifting people out of poverty, and accelerating science", Zuckerberg wrote.

According to Zuckerberg's treatise, Facebook can - and should - help address such pressing issues as ending terrorism, fighting climate change, and preventing pandemics, as well as combating the spread of fake news and hate speech.

"The two most discussed concerns this past year were about diversity of viewpoints we see (filter bubbles) and accuracy of information (fake news)". "Yet now, across the world there are people left behind by globalization, and movements for withdrawing from global connection".

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In one version of the text, Mr Zuckerberg wrote about the fact that Facebook appeared to be using artificial intelligence for online surveillance. With an AI system in place, this type of content can be reported quickly and can be stopped before the suspect goes through with it, Zuckerberg hops.

Zuckerberg also stated being part of communities can help make one to alleviate the fear of loneliness.

The anti-globalization movement has taken hold in other countries as well, with the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union and rightist Marine LePen showing a strong chance of becoming France's next president. It's great to see Zuckerberg grapple with that reality, even if it might all have worked out better if he'd started doing so before scaling Facebook up to almost two billion users (Casey Newton in The Verge).

"I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others", he said on that stage previous year.

"In a free society, it's important that people have the power to share their opinion, even if others think they're wrong", he said.