Russian spy ship seen patrolling off CT coast

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A Russian spy ship last seen off the coast of CT was spotted late Wednesday steaming south - and near the largest naval base in the world, where the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet is located.

Now Russia is out here secretly deploying a SSC-8 cruise missile that they have been developing and testing for years. Also Tuesday, U.S. European Command confirmed that Russian jets had conducted unsafe fly-bys of a U.S. Navy destroyer, the USS Porter, in the Black Sea on February 10.

I'm sure the Russian ship wasn't coming to see us, but was just in the neighborhood going to meet some friends when it was spotted. It is the Navy's primary East Coast submarine base.

A spokesperson for the U.S. State Department says it's in violation of a Cold War-era arms control treaty, with the ground-launched missile running counter to the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces ('INF') Treaty.

A Russian spy ship was spotted 30 miles off the coast of CT and some naval experts say it is a test by Moscow of the new Trump administration.

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The U.S. also sends its ships close to other countries. Media reports early Tuesday cited government officials who claimed it was within 30 miles of the U.S. Navy's primary Atlantic submarine base in Groton, Connecticut, which would put it within sight of Montauk. USA territorial waters extend 12 miles from shore, so the vessel is well into worldwide waters. The USS Porter, a guided missile destroyer, was conducting normal operations about 50 miles from the coast of Romania when it was "buzzed" by Russian jets, including fighters and a transport vehicle. "[Russian President Vladimir] Putin is a risky person, but this is really no threat to us right now, but having said that, it's being very, very carefully monitored in every possible way by the Coast Guard and by the entire USA defense establishment". Last week, four military aircraft also flew within 200 yards of a USA ship in global waters in the Black Sea, according to a Reuters article. The vessel was reported to be off the DE coast on Tuesday. While presence of spy ships like these was common during the Cold War era, the defense official told Stars and Stripes that this was Leonov's third visit to the USA coast since 2014.

The vessel was 70 miles off the coast of DE on Tuesday, heading north at 10 knots, an official told Fox News on condition of anonymity.

While President Trump in the past has questioned NATO's mission as "obsolete", Mr. Mattis has been far more outspoken about confronting the security challenge from Moscow and bolstering USA alliances in Europe and the Middle East.

Moscow also ordered the deployment of a ground-based nuclear-capable weapon inside Russia's borders.

It is the first such move by Russian military under Donald Trump's presidency.

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