Self-flying taxi to transport passengers in Dubai

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The drone can carry a single passenger weighing up to 220 pounds plus a small suitcase.

The notion of a flying vehicle may sound farfetched but it seems that one may soon see drones ferrying passenger over the Dubai skyline.

The tiny egg-shaped drones fit one person and can fly for 30 minutes at-a-time.

Dubai officials have revealed plans to launch autonomous drone passenger craft as early as this July.

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Seeking to reassure public about safety of the vehicle, Mattar al-Tayer, RTA director general and chairman, said they have "addressed the highest levels of security in the designing and manufacturing of the EHang184".

"The AAV is created to operate under all climatic conditions unless there is a thunderstorm", Mattar Al Tayer, director general and chairman of the RTA, said of the 184. While Tesla's full self-driving capabilities has yet to be unleashed, the Dubai Taxi Corporation is primed to become a transportation service provider using a fully autonomous fleet. As far as drones go, it's actually much less drone and more automated helicopter, using onboard navigation systems to carry passengers to their desired location without the need for a pilot. Riders will be able to select a destination on a touch screen in front of the seat, and sit back as the drone flies there on its own.

As for performance, though the top speed is around 100 miles per hour, Dubai is likely to restrict the EHang 184 to around 62 miles per hour. The service could offer flights within an area of 40-50 kilometers, with a typical cruising speed of around 100 km/h (62 mph).

It is not known whether the PFV will eventually be given the green signal in the U.S. Dubai, however, will beat the the race and will be the first city to have the right of flying the passenger drones from July this year.