FIFA Nintendo Switch Game Teased In Latest Advert

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The new delivery of Federation Internationale de Football Association will arrive at Nintendo Switch somewhere in the middle or end of 2017.

When EA's Peter Moore was asked if the Switch version would be closer to the PS4/Xbox One or to the PS3/Xbox 360 versions of Federation Internationale de Football Association, he said: "What you have will be a custom-built version for the Nintendo Switch from the Federation Internationale de Football Association development team in Vancouver". My main problem with something like the 3DS was that it was region locked; limiting what games I could play. And another game shows how the motion controls can be used to simulate wands waving in real-time. The reason for doing so was because the company plans to rerelease some Wii U titles for the Nintendo Switch. I could see Iwata's touch in all of the Switch's features and experiences: the infinite possibilities of fun with 1-2 Switch, the unique transforming tablet and JoyCons combo, the ability to take the Switch anywhere and play it with anyone at any time. While certainly not an official confirmation, these comments hint that Nintendo has yet to reveal all the details about the Switch prior to launch.

The new Splatoon 2 game can work with both Joy-Con controllers and Pro controllers and can work largely with TV and handhelds modules.

Nintendo Switch launches on March 3, 2017.

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Representatives for George and Amal Clooney did not immediately return Reuters " requests for comment. The news broke last week after it was confirmed on morning television in the U.S.

Working out exactly where Nintendo stands on VR can be hard, especially when one of its most prolific employees makes statements like this.

Back in March 2015, when the device was then known only as the Nintendo NX, Satoru Iwata sat down with Japanese publication Nikkei to reveal the high expectations the company was placing on the upcoming console.

All facts taken, there's no real reason to doubt the 3DS, co-existing with the Nintendo Switch, but we're just a few more years away from seeing how the Switch will evolve. Admittedly, the spectator mode isn't something I really care about.