Melissa McCarthy Doubles Down On Brilliant Sean Spicer Impression

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Melissa McCarthy also returned as Sean "Spicy" Spicer in another raucous and combative White House press briefing.

"I'm trying to show you I got rage". "I'm not going to do that, because that is the old Spicey".

"I just want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me", Strong said. "Way too many pieces in there".

Perhaps the outburst is due to gum withdrawals, as McCarthy notes he's cutting back.

She then proceeded to stumble through pronunciations while reading the president's daily schedule of meetings and events with a "Central Asia" leader.

"I'm blowing away their dishonesty", Spicer said.
. "Specifically, The People's Court!".

After losing all control of the press conference, Spicey mowed down the press corps on her motorized podium. Moving on, Spicer added, "I'm gonna open it up to questions now, and I'm gonna freak if you start asking stupid ones".

"We know she's ok because she's blonde".

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Spicer admits a mistake, but the press was wrong to print it, and they need to get on all the events they haven't covered like the Bowling Green massacre - not the Kellyanne one, the real one.

The most jaw-dropping schtick was McCathy's demonstration of Donald Trump's new "extreme vetting" procedure by the TSA at airports.

Later in the show, Baldwin's Trump actually did take the three 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges to The People's Court. "And then we're going to read her emails and if we don't like the answers - which we won't - boom, Guantanamo Bay!"

Unraveling though he promised not to, Spicer went on to shill Ivanka Trump's accessories and shoes, revealing that he was wearing some and calling department store Nordstrom's decision last week to pull her line "a terrorist act" the press wasn't covering.

She then said Ivanka's product's were "high, high quality" before pulling up a sleeve to reveal one of her bangles.

"I'm right, they're wrong", Baldwin as Trump erupted.

McCarthy introduced the character on last week's show in a surprise appearance.

The actress as Spicer also poked fun at Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's White House counsellor, for plugging Ivanka Trump's clothing line on live TV. It was also another tour de force for Emmy victor Kate McKinnon, who portrayed Kellyanne Conway, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Senator Elizabeth Warren in separate sketches.